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Do you want to experience the best of Fresno’s incredible style and identity? Then you can’t miss out on upcoming events at Strummers, Fresno’s very own concert hall/restaurant/bar/club. Located in the progressive Tower Arts District of Fresno, the venue is built to cater to the unique identity and culture that could only come out of Fresno’s community. No matter what kind of genre of music or live entertainment you enjoy, you are guaranteed to find something to love on their season-long production calendar.

Strummers is built in the spirit of punk rock visionary Joe Strummer and features a huge venue that plays host to a wide variety of events. Not only can you see concerts, enjoy fine dining, and have full club experience, but the venue has also played host to concert tours including the final performance for Sianvar’s 2016 Stay Lost tour.

With all the love that goes into making this the best music venue in the city of Fresno, it’s easy to see why tickets sell out so fast. But if you act now you can skip the lines and order tickets to upcoming Strummers events through this website. We’ll even give you the secret info you need to make the most of your visit. So what are you waiting for?

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