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Agent Orange

Get ready, Fresno! Agent Orange, the undisputed OGs of SoCal punk rock, are set to TEAR UP Strummer's on May 4, 2024! Brace your eardrums for a NOISY night of iconic thrashers. Expect the live rawness of "Bloodstains" and "Everything Turns Grey" to echo with a VENGEANCE! Dive into their gnarly surf punk sound that seamlessly blends charging guitars, speedy drumming, and raw lyrical power. This ain't a night for the faint-hearted. It's a call to the wild for all the rebels seeking something UNLEASHED and REAL. Grab this rare chance to witness the veterans show why they're top of the punk pedigree. Experience a mosh pit like no other, feel your pulse racing, the adrenaline coursing. The legends of the genre on stage, YOUR night in the crowd. Don't let this wave of punk power pass you by. Get your tickets NOW for a ride on Agent Orange's punk rollercoaster. BE THERE, or be completely left out in the silence.

Clear up your calendars, dudes and dudettes! Because we're kickin' it old school here at Strummer's on May 4, 2024, as the groundbreaking pioneers of skate punk, Agent Orange are shreddin' their way to Fresno, California! Expect to be packed into a tight space, flip out to high-speed guitar solos, infectious hooks, and mosh around with the thronging mass of punk aficionados.

This ain't just a concert, it's a beastly riot of surfer cool, California style. A symphony of crashing drums, rumbling bass, and whammy bar rails all cranked into overdrive. So, forget your posh etiquette at the door, because this is a wild night ferocious enough to propel your soul into the historic annals of punk rock revelry.

About Agent Orange

Agent Orange ain't some run-off-the-mill band; they're the leeroy of the punk scene, wowing crowds since the late '70s. Known for their raucous energy and unruly stage antics, these guys are credited with carving the niche for the fusion of punk rock and surf music.

Serving up classics like "Bloodstains", the Orange dudicals have skated their way into the Hardcore Hall of Fame, and still kick up quite a ruckus. With Mike Palm at helm, delivering melodious insanity, trust me, you wouldn't wanna miss the spectacle when he wields his guitar like a punk rock Thor.

Strummer's Information

Nestled in the beating heart of Fresno, Strummer's is where the true rock'n'roll enthusiasts flock in droves, a mecca for diverse music, tantalizing beverages and crackin' atmospheres. With its stellar reputation for bringing together fans and bands in an intimate space, Strummer's remains the go-to place for incomparable music experiences.

This downtown bastion of sound welcomes Agent Orange with open arms, ready to roll out a night that will echo in punk rock folklore for ages.

Ticket Information

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Don’t wait 'til it's too late and you're stuck at home on May 4, streaming old album tunes and imagining what could have been. Instead, plug into Ticket Squeeze and seize this rare opportunity to witness a legendary band.

So, com'on my fellow punk aficionados, let's score those tickets and make some gnarly memories. 'Cause you ain't just buying tickets, you're investing in memories that will reverberate through your rock'n'roll hearts forever. Don't miss out on this cacophonous carnival of punk rock; let the world hear us roar!

Agent Orange at Strummer's

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