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Strummer's | Fresno, California

Gimme Gimme Disco

Ready for a night of nostalgia-laced boogie? Gimme Gimme Disco is bringing the ULTIMATE '70s experience straight to Strummer's! 🕺✨ Mark your calendars for March 23, 2024, you disco kings and queens!

This isn't just another concert. It's a glitter-infused journey back in time where the beats of ABBA reign supreme. Dive into the indulgent world of flares and platforms, and let's get down to the greatest hits that defined an era. Dancing Queen? You bet. Mamma Mia? Oh, it's happening.

Imagine: The mirror ball is spinning, and the floor beneath you is lit up like a kaleidoscope dream. Feel the ENERGY and the pulse of the crowd as anthems after anthems carry you through the night. Strummer's will reverberate with the cheers of die-hard fans and the curious alike, all swaying under one groove.

Don't miss the vibe, the excitement, the MEMORIES! Secure your spot on the dance floor. Grab your tickets NOW and prepare to be a part of the show that celebrates your favorite ABBA hits. It's showtime, baby! 🔥💃🎫 #GimmeGimmeDisco


Hey all you disco lovers out there, are you ready to boogie the night away? Because let me tell ya, Gimme Gimme Disco is bringing their glitter-infused dance party to Strummer's in Fresno, and it's happening on March 23, 2024. This ain’t your ordinary concert—Gimme Gimme Disco is a full-on experience, a celebration of all things 70s and 80s that’ll have your bell-bottoms shaking and your disco fingers pointing to the stars.

Picture this: a haze of disco balls casting their enigmatic spells over a sea of dance enthusiasts, the air thick with nostalgia and pumping with bass lines that command your feet to move. You can expect an array of classic hits that you’ll recognize after just a couple of notes, mixed together with that modern twist that just makes your heart do backflips. It’s not just a concert; it's a roller rink without the skates, it's Studio 54 reborn into the here and now—it's magic, pure and simple.

About Gimme Gimme Disco

Now, let me dive into Gimme Gimme Disco, these musical wizards who resurrect the soul of dance music from the age of mirror balls and velvet ropes. You see, Gimme Gimme Disco isn’t just a band. It's a phenomenon—a collective of artists and DJs who've set stages on fire, well metaphorically speaking, all over the country. They’ve made bodies groove and hearts flutter with their seamless transitions and spot-on selection of the grooviest beats.

This group has turned their live show into an art form, an interactive experience where the crowd becomes part of the performance. I've seen them live before, and man, it’s like being part of a moving art installation – one where the dress code involves lots of sequins and a hefty dose of sass. It's not just about the music; it's about feeling that connection with everyone around you through the universal language of disco.

Strummer's Information

So, about Strummer's, this gem of a venue in Fresno. It's nestled right there in the Tower District, an area known for its quirky charm and bustling nightlife. Strummer's has got a rep for being one of the best spots for live music in town—a rep it has rightfully earned. The vibes? So welcoming you might mistake it for your best friend's living room. The acoustics? Sharper than the freakin’ pin on your "Disco Sucks" irony badge.

It's got everything a concert-goer could wish for; stiff drinks, a chill patio for when you need to cool off, and a dance floor that begs to be danced on. Plus, the staff there are pretty dope; they got love for the music and the people who come to celebrate it.

Ticket Information

Okay, let's talk turkey—tickets. The box office is your go-to for those looking to snag 'em at the source, but if you're a savvy concert connoisseur, then you know that the real deals are found in the wild west of resale tickets. And your trusty steed in this frontier? Ticket Squeeze. Trust me; I've hunted for bargains like a hound dog, and these guys have some of the lowest prices and fees out there. It's almost like stealing, but totally legal and way more fun.

So, clear your calendar, paint that glitter on your face, and get set to transport yourself back in time to the golden era of disco with the rest of us funky souls. Don’t wait till it's sold out and you're left outside listening to the muffled beats with only your regrets for company.

Listen, I've been to my fair share of concerts, and there’s nothing—not one darn thing—that beats the alive-and-kicking vibes of a live disco event. Gimme Gimme Disco at Strummer's is your ticket to ride that time machine. Get your tickets through Ticket Squeeze, and come on down to boogie city. So, what are you waiting for? Slide into your best disco duds and let’s get down like there's no tomorrow!

Gimme Gimme Disco at Strummer's

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