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Strummer's | Fresno, California

Go Ahead and Die

Yo, headbangers! Get ready to UNLEASH the chaos – Go Ahead and Die is hitting Strummer's, Fresno, March 16, 2024, and you KNOW it's gonna be WILD. These guys aren't just loud; they're legends, bringing the rawest vibes and a night of face-melting rifts that'll have you thrashing till the break of dawn.

Imagine this: gritty guitars, relentless drums, and those aggressive vocals that bleed pure adrenaline. You've blasted their tracks on repeat, now catch them LIVE. Tracks like "Truckload Full of Bodies" will send you over the edge, while "Toxic Freedom" will have us all moshing in solidarity.

Don't sleep on this – their shows are a vortex of energy, where we come together and just lose it, in the best way possible. Who needs normal when you can have EPIC instead, right? Feel the floor quake, the buzz of the amps, drown in the sea of fists pumping in unison.

March 16 is the date, Strummer's is the place. Will you be there? Grab your tickets – let's make this one for the history books. #GoAheadandDieLive 🤘

Are you ready for one of the most booming shows of heavy metal in the country? Then you might want to consider seeing live any of the upcoming concerts hosted at Strummer's in Fresno, California. This venue routinely offers visitors evenings of great excitement that they can’t find anywhere else. From getting a wide range of refreshments from the fully stocked on-site bar, to seeing the show from the spacious dance floor. The sound system is also carefully for some of the loudest heart-racing sounds in the state, so you can experience the mind-blowing entertainment you’ve always dreamed of. Metal shows at Strummer's are are a synonym of quality and a perfect event organization – see them for yourself.

Go Ahead and Die at Strummer's

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