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Save Ferris

Hey, SoCal ska enthusiasts and '90s music lovers, guess who’s rolling into town? That’s right, SAVE FERRIS is bringing their kickin' brass and catchy tunes to Strummer's in Fresno on February 24, 2024. Remember that wicked cover of "Come on Eileen"? Yup, it's your chance to skank to it LIVE!

You gotta experience these legends where they shine the brightest – on STAGE, under the lights, belting out the anthems we've had on repeat. "The World is New," "Goodbye" – those bangers that bring waves of NOSTALGIA and an irrepressible urge to dance.

Imagine the trumpet BLARING, the crowd bouncing, and that infectious energy only a live show can spark. It’s the kind of night where memories are made, where you sing 'til you’re hoarse and jump until you can't feel your legs.

So, are you in or what? Snooze and you’ll lose – tickets are vanishing like the '90s. Grab yours, join the skank pit, and let’s make it a night to remember. Hit up the box office, STAT! 🎷🎤🎫

### Concert Summary

Hey folks! Listen up, 'cause I've got the down-low on an event that's gonna knock your socks off! Picture this: You, your best pals, and a pumped crowd jam-packed into a venue that's positively buzzing with energy. Save Ferris is coming to Strummer's in Fresno, and it's looking like the kinda night that you'll be chattering about for ages to come. We're talking about a skanking, head-bobbing, soul-refreshing kind of experience where the brass is bright, and the beats hit harder than your morning espresso.

Expect an evening where the ska-punk tunes will have your feet glued to the dance floor—not 'cause they're sticky (although, let's be real, it's a possibility), but 'cause you won't stop moving once the music starts flowing. It's gonna be one sweaty, euphoric shout-along from the depths of your lungs. Imagine the crowd waves; you're riding them like a pro surfer fighting the gnarliest waves. And if you're lucky, maybe, just maybe, you'll lock eyes with the band, and in that split second, you're all best friends.

### About Save Ferris

Now, if you haven't heard about Save Ferris, I gotta question the rock you've been living under—but no judgement! Let me shed some light on these cats 'cause they’re not just any rusty garage band. Forming somewhere around the mid-90s, they shot up like a rocket with their cover of "Come On Eileen," and you've prolly rocked out to it without even realizing who was behind the magic.

The live show experience? Oh man, let me tell ya—it’s nothing short of nuclear. The frontwoman's got this energy, right, that hooks right into your chest, and don't even get me started on their brass section. They’re like a funky metallic octopus with blasts coming from all directions. Plus, they've got this grip of awards and they’ve pretty much lassoed the Warped Tour like a champion calf-roper back in the day.

### Strummer's Information

Now, onto Strummer's—this gem of a venue's nestling snug in the heart of Fresno, California. Not too far from the downtown hustle, it's got this rep for being one of the coolest spots to catch live music. It's got that intimate vibe where you feel like the band's serenading you and only you (plus a few hundred other fans). The drinks flow nice and the sound system is, frankly, ridiculous in the best way possible. You'll feel every beat like a heartbeat!

### Ticket Information

Alright, ticket talk—'cause you're totally sold now, right? Strummer's box office could hook you up, but listen, the little birdie that whispers deals told me that Ticket Squeeze is where it's at. If you love low prices and fees that are so tiny, you need a magnifying glass, that's your ticket paradise right there.

So, whether you're a die-hard fan or just looking to dip your toes in a night of sick tunes, don't sleep on it. Tickets to see Save Ferris at Strummer's are the golden ticket to the chocolate factory of music mayhem, and you want in on that sweetness!

### Get Your Tickets Now!

Hey, life's short and so's the time 'til this concert kicks off. February 24, 2024, is creeping up faster than you think. So grab your chance; score some tickets through Ticket Squeeze and ensure your place in the ska punk revival revelation that is Save Ferris live at Strummer's. Come on, let's make memories that last until we're old and all our stories start with, "Back in my day..." Hit up Ticket Squeeze, snag those tickets, and I'll see ya in the mosh pit!

Save Ferris at Strummer's

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