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Strummer's | Fresno, California

Shrek Rave

Hey Shrek fanatics and party-goers!

Brace yourself for the ULTIMATE ogre-themed bash – the Shrek Rave is smashing into Strummer’s, Fresno on March 15th, 2024! Prepare to get your groove on to bangers that'll transport you straight to Duloc. We're talking “All Star” and “I’m a Believer” – tunes that hit right in the nostalgia.

This isn't just a rave; it's a far, far away adventure. You’ll feel like you’re partying in Shrek’s swamp, minus the mud but loaded with ogre-sized vibes. The energy? ELECTRIC. The beats? MONSTROUS. And the experience? UNFORGETTABLE.

Imagine pulsating lights, booming sound systems, and countless fans jumping in unison. It's not just happening, it's an explosion of euphoria!

You simply CAN’T miss this mash-up of epic soundtracks and rave madness. It's time to let your fairytale freak flag fly and get down to the greatest hits with fellow ogre enthusiasts.

Ready? Tickets are on sale now – seize ‘em before the dragon does! Let's make this an EPIC night to remember! Grab your ticket, pull on your best ogre ears, and join us in the rave swamp! 🎉👹🎶


Callin' all ogres, princesses, and donkeys! Get ready to let your freak flag fly high and dive into an evening that's as far away from dull as Far Far Away itself. Fresno, ready your swamp, 'cause the Shrek Rave is stomp-stomping its way to Strummer's on March 15, 2024, and it's gonna be an absolute fairy tale turned party epic!

Imagine the scene: you, yes YOU, in the midst of a buzzing, bouncing crowd, as DJs spin infectious tunes that thump and echo off the walls of Strummer's like dragon wings. Lights? They'll be greener than Shrek’s own beloved swamp - blinkin', flashin', dancin' to the beat and making you feel like you just hopped straight outta the movie and into the party scene of the century.

You've never been to a bash quite like this. It's one part cosplay extravaganza, a pinch of dance till-you-drop marathon, and all the way live, with the kind of immersive experience that'll have you grinning wider than the Gingerbread Man dodging the Muffin Man's oven. Don’t even think about missing out. It’s gonna be an unforgettable night of ogre-sized fun!

About Shrek Rave

So, what's the Shrek Rave, you ask? It's a rollickin', shoutin', boppin' good time where the world of the beloved green ogre and his far-out friends blast to life through rip-roaring music and wild, funky vibes. This lovable mash-up of fandom and festival charm has partied its way across the country, winning hearts faster than Fiona can win a fight.

The brains behind the beats are notorious for putting on a show that's more magical than Fairy Godmother's wand. With each performance, they shove the envelope aside and pull out all the stops to ensure attendees get a one-of-a-kind concert that’s part nostalgia, part rave, and entirely off the chain.

Crowned as the king of themed raves, the Shrek Rave engulfs the senses, flipping your typical concert experience on its fairytale head. The performers, decked out in fantasyland finery, don’t just play music—they create an interactive spectacle, casting every participant in a night-long dance party that’s straight out of an enchanted adventure.

Strummer's Information

Nestled in Fresno's hip Tower District, Strummer's has wooed gig-goers with its eclectic style and intimate vibes for years. It's the cool kid on the block when it comes to live music, offering up a décor that’s as quirky as Lord Farquaad’s haircut. Its reputation for being the go-to spot for a diverse array of acts makes it the perfect castle to host the Shrek Rave.

The venue prides itself on good times, great sounds, and a welcoming atmosphere that makes every patron feel like a VIP - even if you roll in looking like Puss in Boots after a catnip bender. Strummer's is where stories are made, magic happens, and memories lodge themselves in your brain like that catchy-as-heck "I’m a Believer" cover.

Ticket Information

Ogres and gentlefolk, snagging tickets to this beast of a bash is easier than making waffles with Donkey! With a quick trek to Strummer's box office, you could lay your mitts on an entry to euphoria. But—slight hiccup—the box office can be a fickle fairy mother, with tickets selling faster than hotcakes at the Three Little Pigs’ breakfast buffet.

That’s where Ticket Squeeze swaggers in, decked out in shining armor to save your night. Why bother elsewhere when you’ve got low prices and even lower fees at your fingertips? Forget overpriced scalpers or sketchy back-alley deals; Ticket Squeeze is as trustworthy as Granny’s recipe book and a gazillion times more convenient.

So don’t delay! Skip the drama and lock in your place at Fresno’s freshest fiesta. Visit Ticket Squeeze today and score your tickets before they go like Dragon's disappearing act—and trust me, you wanna be there when the bass drops and the swamp gets lit!

### Get Your Tickets Now!

Alright, party ogres - it’s decision time. Are you gonna be a homebody like Shrek BEFORE the adventure begins or you ganna, seize the night and get freaking’ ogre it at the wildest, wackiest rave this side of Duloc? Head on over to Ticket Squeeze, grab those tickets, and meet us at Strummer’s. Who knows? You might just have so much fun that you start believing in fairytales again. See you at the Shrek Rave – it's gonna be all-star, all night!

Shrek Rave at Strummer's

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