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Strummer's | Fresno, California

Twin Tribes

Fans all over the country are thrilled to hear that they now have the opportunity to see one of the greatest performers in all of techno, live! And what’s more, we have exclusive access to give to our customers here for the next month, to see no other than Twin Tribes live on Sunday 28th January 2024 on the iconic Strummer's stage. This artist does not come to the city often, and has very few stops on their worldwide tour. So if you’re looking to experience a night of some unforgettable techno music, then this event is the place for you. Now is your best opportunity to see Twin Tribes live, and you can get tickets today! All you need to do is click the Buy Tickets button below to get started!

Sunday 28th January 2024 is your lucky chance to experience the amazing electronic music that can only come from Twin Tribes in a live performance at Strummer's. They hope you have decent dinner and drinks at the nearby restaurants before the event starts, because once you arrive there, you’ll be expected to rave the night away with everyone else. The sound system is one of the most amazing in Fresno offering beats and music that will make your heart race. The event space features a wide dance floor that will be perfect for you to get off your seat and dance the night away. Don’t think the darkroom might be an issue because the stage is equipped with best standard lights and laser-style extras that will be a feast for the eyes. Everything you could possibly want from an Electronic Concert Event is right there at Strummer's. Hit the Buy Tickets button and enjoy it to the fullest.

Twin Tribes at Strummer's

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