Azizi Gibson at Strummers

Azizi Gibson Tickets

Strummer's | Fresno, California

Azizi Gibson

Hip hopheads, get ready for an ultimate night of Hip Hop here in Fresno. We hope you have saved up your energy because you’re going to need it for Thursday 2nd November 2023, for sure! Azizi Gibson promises to be a magnificent live show. A huge podium, perfect lighting and acoustics is one of the perks of Strummer's. You definitely wouldn’t have amenities like these at other venues! Plus, get your perfect midnight snack from the food vendors. To get your tickets, simply scroll down to the ‘get tickets’ button.

Nothing is more exciting than attending a live hip hop concert. The invited musicians are of the highest level and at the best qualified in Fresno and California Walk or drive to Azizi Gibson. If you live around the area, walking is sensible, but you can still drive and find parking space near the Strummer's. The first noticeable thing once in the venue is the unbelievably beautiful stage and the lighting. Once the concert starts, you note the acoustics that are simply divine! The sound surround has zero echoes and you can savor the clarity of the sound. Snap up your ticket now by clicking the ‘get tickets’ button!

Azizi Gibson at Strummer's

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