Named after legendary punk rock frontman, Joe Strummer, Strummers is a venue that opened up to answer the call for live entertainment in Fresno’s Tower Arts district. While the community is not as well known for music as the nearby Bay Area to the west, it still has an established music identity that reflects the eclectic identity of Fresno’s residents. It has a thriving jazz scene with regular events across the city as well as rock and metal fans that are never wanting for entertainment across the venues in Fresno.

Strummers offers a wide range of programs and events, including wrestling shows, live concerts, and stand-up acts all surrounded by the hip decor and a friendly and welcoming atmosphere. The venue stands out though for also offering a tasty variety of dining options from their full selection in-house kitchen making it a popular spot for evening after-work entertainment as well as weekend dining for trendier couples. The events you can experience at the venue cover a wide range of genres, from all-ages concerts to selective shows for mature audiences. The wide range of cocktails joins a weekly rotating selection of microbrews to offer choice to thirstier guests while the top-of-the-line AC keeps you cool even when the house is packed.

Ever since the venue opened, it’s played host to a variety of concert appearances including punk stars Joyce Manor and Adolescents as well as alternative rock, metalcore, and death metal with shows by The Ataris, Atreyu, and Napalm Death. The eclectic mix of music doesn’t stop there as the venue also offers weekly karaoke nights, Monday Mixers featuring different artists every week, and several surprise shows per season.

If you appreciate an eclectic mix of musical styles, then you can’t go wrong with visiting Strummers during any of their upcoming shows and events.

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