Lady and The Trap – A Disney Lover’s Rave at Strummers

Lady and The Trap - A Disney Lover's Rave Tickets

Strummer's | Fresno, California

Lady and The Trap - A Disney Lover's Rave

Treat yourself with an exquisite yet action-packed techno delight on Friday 9th February 2024! The one and only Lady and The Trap - A Disney Lover's Rave has a long history of putting on some of the wildest parties throughout the country, and now it’s time to arrive in Fresno, California and bring thrill and excitement to the local and traveling techno fans alike. Strummer's will play host to this excellent gig, so the ticket holders can expect the ultimate combination of cutting-edge techno performance and the most authentic environment to enjoy it. Mesmerizing stage visuals and heart-racing BPMs that take you to another dimension, lasers, mind-bending installations and a world-class performance on stage to boot. If all this sounds like your thing, there;s not much time to hesitate. Secure your ticket today and experience this techno sensation live!

Electronic music enthusiasts expect to get the very best for their music viewing experience and that’s exactly what Lady and The Trap - A Disney Lover's Rave offers for their live performance at Strummer's. The venue located in Fresno, California represents the top tier choice for all your electronic music needs your exclusive music taste. It is always packed with fans who are ready to rave the night away while the exquisite sound systems blast their favorite tracks from the greatest bands and artists in the industry. After this exclusive show you can keep the night going at one of the many bars and restaurants within walking distance of the door. To wrap up - you can’t go wrong with visiting Strummer's.

Lady and The Trap - A Disney Lover's Rave at Strummer's

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