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Strummer's | Fresno, California


Hey rockers! Quick heads-up: Nonpoint is hitting Strummer's in Fresno on April 24th, 2024, and trust me, you won't want to miss it!

These guys tear it up LIVE. Their riffs? Insane. The energy? Through the ROOF. Imagine the raw power of "Bullet with a Name" and "In the Air Tonight" reverberating off the walls, hitting you right in the soul – that’s Nonpoint for you.

Their stage presence is a whole vibe. You’re not just at a show; you're part of the rip-roaring Nonpoint tribe. Mosh pits, headbanging, collective singing - it all goes down at their gigs.

The band's been AT IT since '97, getting sharper, louder, and more intense. Strummer's intimate space is the perfect spot to feel every bass drop and guitar wail.

Ready for an epic night of face-melting rock? Don't snooze on this; tickets disappear fast. Make some NOISE, grab your crew, and let's rock Strummer's.

🔥🎸 Get those tickets NOW – before you're the one hearing about it instead of living it. 🎸🔥

Recently, patrons have been asked what was California’s favorite place to go and enjoy awesome metal performances, it it was confirmed that the Strummer's is yet again at the top of the list. It is clear that this is due not only to the fact this music venue presents some of the greatest performances in the state, but it also offers it’s visitors many additional features to ensure they have a unforgettable night out. This venue rests in one of the best spots in Fresno, California that is also just around the corner from some of the most popular bars in town making it effortless drinks before or after the show. Easy-access parking is conveniently located close to the venue meaning you won’t have to worry about scheduling too much time for transportation. Once you cross the entrance, you will meet the highly-trained staff who will direct you around the venue. So, if you want to join many other metal fans in enjoying Nonpoint live on Wednesday 24th April 2024 at the Strummer's then ensure you get your tickets before they sell out. To order your tickets today, click on the Buy Tickets button below.

Nonpoint at Strummer's

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