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Nuovo Testamento Tickets

Strummer's | Fresno, California

Nuovo Testamento

Yo, Fresno's music family! Get STOKED 'cause Nuovo Testamento's touring tidal wave is CRASHING into Strummer's on April 29, 2024! Feel the synth vibes turn electric as they lay down tracks from their chart-topping bangers.

This is where nostalgia meets the future – nu wave REFRESHED. The beats drop, the crowd sways, and those infectious melodies? They're LIVE, pulsing through your bones. Can't stop, won't stop – that's the kinda night we're talking about.

Picture it: lights dim, hearts race, the first note hits... and BAM! You're in an anthem-sea, singing right back at the stage. Iconic hits like "Shadows" will resonate with the room, woven into a setlist that's pure, undistorted adrenaline.

But it's not just sound; it's an experience. A communion of synthpop disciples – that's you – and the high priests on stage. All HAIL the hypnotic drum machines!

Here's the buzz – tickets are vaporizing quick. Don't settle for FOMO; grab yours! Hit up the link, secure the pass, and get ready to bask in the GLORY of Nuovo Testamento. See you there, synth kin!

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Nuovo Testamento at Strummer's

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