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Strummer's | Fresno, California

Together Pangea

Hey California rockers! 🎸 Mark your calendars - April 25, 2024, is gonna be WILD! Together Pangea is hitting Strummer's in Fresno, and you gotta be there.

Get ready to buckle up for a night of garage-rock mayhem. These guys tear up the stage every time. Picture this: gritty guitars, pounding drums, and those infectious melodies that're impossible not to shout along to. You'll be sweating out their greatest hits like "Badillac" and "Money on It" - live, loud, in your FACE!

This ain't just another gig. It's a chance to lose yourself in the thrall of raw energy and uncensored emotion. It's where memories are MADE.

Strummer's vibe? Unbeatable. The sound? Crisp. The crowd? Your new best friends.

Don't miss out. It's more than a concert; it's a RITUAL.

Tickets? Flying out faster than a guitar smash at the end of an encore. So what are you waiting for?

Snag yours NOW and join the party. Together Pangea won't wait, and neither should you. 🎟️🤘 #RockOnFresno

Live concert aficionados can now enjoy a great evening of immense fun by purchasing a ticket to the Together Pangea concert at Strummer's in Fresno. Don’t skip on this limited edition gig! If you don’t come out, you will miss out on an electrifying event and some rewards exclusive to Strummer's in California. Parking is often a headache during some concerts. However, worry not this night, because Strummer's has your back with parking within walking distance to the concert. If you get hungry before the concert starts, or later, taste the sumptuous meals in the nearby restaurants within the Strummer's area. California is famous for its hospitality, and the venue's ambiance will surprise you. The beauty of the decor will make you feel instantly at home. The staff is courteous and will make your evening worthwhile. Grab your ticket now by clicking on ‘get tickets’ tab.

Together Pangea at Strummer's

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